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Creativity, courage and the will to innovate are what drive us

Research and development are very important at Georg Maschinentechnik. Reasons for this include:

Process development in the ball cages division is our obligation as the world market leader, especially in terms of ball pressing and punching of ball cages. One example is the adaptation of new materials, due to the higher torques of electrical cars.

The extension of engineering solutions for our modular concepts that we use in a matrix organisation throughout all product units.

Development of new business models from digitisation. The trend is sometimes discussed controversial, but after all, that is typical of "revolutions". We would rather take the wrong turning, and accept all the troubles involved, than remain motionless.


The ball cage punching press PED100SD-X with modified knuckle joint kinematics, servo direct drive and quick die change has been successfully introduced on the market. The process steps remained unchanged and the replaceability of dies was an important demand, so that our customers profit from the benefit of the new concept for increasing their competitiveness without any risk on their part.

Development of the modular press series had a very different focus. We have developed a shared modular concept for the two applications of sheet metal forming and solid forming.

Customers often need to make some advance decisions about drive technology. This decision will influence supplier selection.

Since Georg Maschinentechnik manufactures both mechanical and hydraulic presses, the principle of development was integrating both drive systems into the modular concept thus offering the customer a truly objective consultation service.

Our engineers had to make the decisions determining design as late as possible for this solution, in order to achieve the highest flexibility and develop the largest number of options without design changes to adjacent assemblies. They have managed to do so in an exemplary way. They are rightfully proud of their patents.


Georg operates a dedicated technical centre for further development of machine and forming technology. Essentially equipped with machines to manufacture ball cages, engineering solutions are also reviewed for their suitability for everyday use, such as:

//   Servo axes at the die devices
//   Systems for punching hole recognition in connection with Poka-Yoke
//   Matrix control for further improvement of the product quality of our customers

Our engineers cooperate closely with the machine commissioners and process engineers to find solutions, working inter-departmentally in the technical centre.


While developments in the technical division of an innovative engineering company may not be a matter of course, they are also not unusual. Process development nevertheless is a challenge on a higher level. We remain in motion independently of customer orders and of our own volition. For this, we cooperate with renowned institutes and universities to increase academic competence and to use impulses from research.

We deal with punching of ball cages with a focus on ball cage materials and stamping die materials in promotional projects lasting for several years or with orders placed directly by our customers that require a solution to fundamental questions. We are rightfully proud of our results!

The behaviour of the two materials and their influence on product quality and service lives are decided in milliseconds. With a set stroke number of at least 60 strokes per minute, the ball cage punching presses by Georg Maschinentechnik manufacture six cages per minute.

The tolerances are repeatable at a cmk value that is better than 1.67 at ± 0.05 mm. The ratio of cutting share to break share can be as high as 90 %, depending on procedure.


We transfer the methods, media and motivation to other tasks as well, which we see as an opportunity. We consistently analyse these opportunities in a feasibility analysis before making the offer. This approach particularly is decisive in development of special-purpose machines.

Both physics and the basics of engineering are very seriously discussed in the team in order to select the most economically efficient functions for an offer. The risks are also analysed as well in parallel to this. If the risk evaluation is negative, we do not implement the project. Only a successful project will strengthen the Georg Machinentechnik brand and our customers' success.