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Stefan Müller
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More than just service.

Our refurbishment concept for our own and for third-party makes combines functional and economic benefits for our customers to a highest degree. We achieve this target for our customers with a high internal production depth. This enables us to act as skilfully and quickly as possible, even during unplanned machine standstills. Georg Maschinentechnik has access to all competence areas to implement the entire refurbishment internally – from development to manufacture.


If partial refurbishment and the subsequent commissioning are to contribute to a comprehensive story of success, another aspect is decisive: It requires conscientious planning and execution by all parties.

For this reason, we place great importance on taking inventory on site and on detailed technical analysis and consulting as well as shared detailed cost analysis.

Georg Maschinentechnik inspects the entire relevant process chain and takes the already existing as well as future requirements into consideration within the framework of an inventory and technical analysis. Details of the targets are given in every offer – if possible including measurable values.


Costs are the final focus at the end of many analyses in the pressing plant, even if they are due to quality, employee satisfaction, distribution or plant availability. Plant availability is essentially influenced by die change times. Together with our customers, we implement many different strategies for quick die changes – as a service too, and with supplementary products. Our services include a comprehensive training program.


Removal of unplanned machine standstills in a lean and therefore fast organisation process
//   Safety inspections
//   Maintenance Agreements
//   Pressing force increases
//   General overhauls
//   Control modifications
//   Refurbishments of clutch and brake
//   Pump retrofits
//   Training


Experience from adult education shows that scheduled public trainings quite often fail to take place due to a lack of participants. Customerrelated trainings are all the more successful. They take place either in the scope of machine acceptance or as seminars at the site of the production machine.

Based on an internal employee competence analysis, Georg Maschinentechnik will adjust to the training status of the customer's staff and the economic targets of the individual professional Trainings.